Novable is an AI-powered startup and innovation scouting tool that helps businesses discover and engage with promising startups. The tool combines AI technology with human-based validation to provide clients with a curated list of top-fitting startups within two days. Novable offers three primary functionalities: scouting, validation, and engagement. Through scouting, the tool utilizes AI and expertise to identify innovative companies across various industries. Validation involves in-depth analysis and vetting of startups, while engagement assists with reach-out, introductions, and demo days. Novable boasts a contextual network that goes beyond a traditional startup database by incorporating website content, social feeds, news, patents, and financials. The platform covers a wide range of countries and topics, offering direct access to innovative companies globally. Novable aims to save clients time and effort by providing personalized results and filtering out irrelevant information. The startup and innovation scouting tool has been trusted by various professionals and has a high satisfaction rate. Its potential applications include market research, technology landscape mapping, competitive benchmarking, and finding niche technology solutions.