Description is a free AI-powered press release writing tool developed by Using the power of OpenAI"s GPT-3 technology, enables users to create compelling and attention-grabbing press releases in just minutes. It offers two main functionalities: writing a press release from scratch by providing a description of the news announcement, and improving existing press releases by providing creative ideas for enhancement. While AI-generated content can be used, it is recommended to have human editing for optimal results. also provides a variety of ideas and prompts for different types of news announcements, such as new product announcements, events/conferences, speaking engagements, awards, business growth/milestones, partnerships, new hires/promotions, funding news, and content releases. The tool also offers additional resources, including for detecting AI-generated content, SalesNexus as an email partner, and guidance on perfecting press release style by David McInnis. Furthermore, provides an opportunity for users to become influencers and get paid for sharing content, with registration being free and micro-influencers being welcome. Overall, is a versatile and user-friendly tool that helps businesses and individuals effectively communicate their news and drive engagement.