Newsblok AI is an AI-powered tool designed to revolutionize the process of creating newsletters. With its powerful Chrome extension, users can easily curate content and generate visually appealing newsletters in a matter of seconds. The AI tool can generate newsletter blocks based on curated content, allowing users to publish newsletters on autopilot. Newsblok AI offers features such as seamless web curation, instant newsletter generation, bite-sized newsletters, and easy bookmarking. The tool is trained on successful newsletters with thousands of subscribers, ensuring high-quality AI-generated content. It also offers collaboration capabilities, allowing teams to create newsletters that reflect their brand. Newsblok AI empowers users to increase their brand authority, build trust with their audience, and engage and convert leads through regular newsletters. The tool offers simple pricing plans, including a free plan that allows users to generate one free newsletter, as well as pro and lifetime deals. It seamlessly integrates with popular email newsletter services like Mailchimp, Substack, and Beehiv, making it easy to distribute the generated content. Newsblok AI has received positive feedback from beta users, who praise its time-saving capabilities and the quality of the curated content.