Neural Newsletters


NeuralNewsletters is an AI-powered tool that allows users to craft compelling newsletters quickly and easily. With no typing required, users can create newsletters in under 2 minutes by following four simple steps. First, they enter their niche or topic, and the tool pulls the most relevant articles from the internet based on their search criteria. Next, users select the articles they find most relevant, with no limits on the number of articles or newsfeeds they can choose from. Then, users choose the tone they want their newsletter to have, such as exciting, funny, or serious. Finally, users can make any final tweaks using the state-of-the-art block-style editor, which supports markdown and drag-and-drop functionalities. The generated newsletter can be downloaded as an HTML file or copied as Rich Text to paste into any email provider. NeuralNewsletters also offers a money-back guarantee and gives users direct access to the team through a private Slack group. It is designed for businesses and individuals in any niche or industry and offers both monthly and yearly subscription plans.