Nekton is an AI tool that allows users to automate their workflows easily and efficiently. By describing workflow steps in plain English, Nekton AI can generate automation code and run it in the cloud, eliminating the need for users to learn complicated tools or write code themselves. The tool integrates with thousands of services and can automate a wide range of business and personal workflows, such as IT, software development, marketing, sales, employee onboarding, incident management, and more. Nekton offers features like forms to collect user input, sharing workflows without sign-ups, scheduling automation, and easy customizations. Users can automate tasks gradually, mix manual and automated steps, and rely on the cloud infrastructure for maintenance-free operation. Nekton works best for automating small specific tasks, using cloud services and APIs, and processing small-to-medium amounts of data. Additionally, Nekton has a partner program that allows users to share their automations and earn additional income.