Native Ai is an always-on market intelligence platform that utilizes advanced NLP and AI technologies to help brands and organizations track, manage, optimize, and innovate. It enables brands to streamline their products and gain a better understanding of their consumers by making discoveries within large datasets. The platform offers fast and accurate results by using generative AI, turning an 8-week turnaround time into just 3 hours. Native Ai aggregates a vast amount of data and provides actionable recommendations and comprehensive reports. It constantly scans the market for new data, improving the quality of insights provided. The platform also offers a comprehensive insights dashboard, proprietary quality IQ analysis, custom reporting, opportunity identification, improvement recommendations, and expert, white-glove service. By turning insights into action, Native Ai assists brands in creating ideal experiences for their customers and staying ahead of trends. The platform has partnered with leading brands and collects insights from hundreds of data sources.