Monitaur is an AI governance software that helps businesses navigate the challenges of responsible AI development. It provides a comprehensive platform for guiding and governing the entire lifecycle of AI, offering complete risk management solutions and ensuring machine learning assurance. By bringing data, governance, risk, and compliance teams together on one platform, Monitaur enables companies to mitigate AI risks, leverage their full potential, and turn intentions into action. Its user-friendly workflows document the lifecycle of AI, helping with risk mitigation and improving the bottom line. Monitaur also offers a "policy to proof" roadmap, allowing companies to implement actionable governance practices at scale. It monitors for biases, drift, and anomalies, provides document control, compliance, and auditing features, and serves as a single source of truth for honest AI. Trusted by responsible innovators, trusted communities, policymakers, and confident investors, Monitaur is a valuable tool for ensuring responsible AI development and governance.