Meya is a comprehensive chatbot platform that allows users to build and launch custom chatbots for customer support. It provides an advanced mobile and web chat UI, along with features such as custom coding, integrations, and a human-bot hybrid. The platform supports multiple users, including support agents and developers, and offers various tools like triggers, flows, components, user DB, and sensitive data encryption. Users can connect any system, script any flow, and code any component using BFML and Python. Meya allows integration with messaging platforms, customer support providers, and NLU to interpret user intent in any language. It also enables users to connect to their own backend APIs and measure user interactions with analytics. The platform offers advanced widgets, modes, and customizations for an enhanced chat experience across Android, iOS, and web. With a user-friendly UI toolkit, users can build their own conversational UX with features like buttons, markdown-formatted text, text input fields, multiple choice options, and more. Meya provides a console with a code editor, flow editor, log viewer, and usage analytics for app development and management. It offers extensive documentation, starter apps, and pre-built integrations for quick-start development. Meya support is highly regarded and offers a shared Slack channel, email access, collaborative solutioning, pair-programming sessions, and proactive monitoring. With one-click app deployments and unlimited extensibility, continuous improvement is easily achievable. The Meya platform features a 3rd-gen event-oriented architecture, supports custom code for event reactions, and has a DevOps workflow allowing coding in a web console or local IDE with customizable app image builds. BFML, a human-friendly YAML syntax, and Python, with its versatile capabilities, are the two main languages supported for building and extending chatbots. Meya is used by businesses to revolutionize their chatbot development and deployment processes, with notable statistics such as 74K+ app version pushes, 1B+ events processed, and 42M+ users assisted. Users can start with a 14-day free trial, which includes advanced mobile and web chat UI, unlimited custom flows and components, and an in-browser developer console with CLI access.