Menu Bot is an AI-powered meal planner that aims to revolutionize your meal routine. It offers a variety of features such as an AI-powered chat, personalized meal planning, recipe generation, and hassle-free grocery lists. With Menu Bot, you can receive personalized meal plans tailored to your tastes and dietary needs in minutes, saving you time and making meal prep enjoyable. It also allows you to save and organize your favorite recipes, whether manually, from the web, or from AI suggestions. The tool generates customized shopping lists directly from your meal plan, ensuring you never forget an ingredient and reducing food waste. Additionally, Menu Bot offers a macro tracker to calculate meal macros and daily totals, supporting your dietary goals. What"s unique about Menu Bot is that every aspect of the platform is completely editable and customizable, from ingredients to serving sizes, giving you full control. This AI tool is designed to make meal planning, grocery shopping, and recipe management easier and more efficient.