Mech Minds


Mech Minds is an AI tool in the form of a series of 8192 deflationary non-fungible tokens (NFTs), each with a unique personality and intelligence. These NFTs provide holders with the ability to chat with their personalized AI companions on any topic. Mech Minds is the first deflationary NFT project that combines AI and blockchain technology. Each MechMind has 5 key personality traits and an IQ score that determines its overall intelligence. The AI engine used is a customized version of OpenAI"s DaVinci GPT model, specifically tailored for each MechMind. Additionally, Mech Minds can be merged together to create a smarter MechMind. The NFTs are visualized as AI-generated oil portraits, reflecting the personality and intelligence of the companion. Mech Minds aims to provide fair distribution by conducting a stealth launch with a cost of 0.0 ETH per mint, allowing for equal access to these unique AI companions.