Mai Writer


Mai Writer is an AI tool designed to help users overcome writer"s block and create engaging, on-brand content. Unlike other AI writing assistants, Mai comes with a feature called the Spellbook, which includes several tools such as Content Brewers and Researchers. The Content Brewers can create various types of content, such as Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and articles. The Researchers can search the web for facts or analyze uploaded PDF documents. Mai aims to be a comprehensive AI marketing assistant that can provide diverse content suggestions, maintain brand consistency, and provide accurate sources of information. It is loved by business owners, growth managers, content marketers, and copywriters for its efficiency and ability to generate copy ideas. The tool offers a unique Chatpad interface that integrates chat and word editing in one place, making collaboration with AI writers easier. The Spellbook"s AI Content Brewers are fine-tuned for marketing use cases, ensuring better output than the average marketer. The AI Researchers help users find accurate information by searching the web or analyzing trusted sources like books and catalogs. Mai believes in the collaboration between humans and AI to enhance productivity and creativity, and aims to develop a marketing AI that aligns with ethical marketing practices.