Laxis is an AI meeting assistant designed for revenue teams to enhance their performance in customer-facing interactions. The tool automatically transcribes and extracts key insights from customer conversations, saving time and providing valuable information for closing better business. Laxis captures meeting details, attendees" comments, and outcomes, and sends accurate records to all participants. It also populates personalized templates, generates meeting summaries and follow-up emails, and unlocks valuable insights from past conversations. With Laxis, sales, business development, marketing, product and market research, customer success, consulting, and professional services teams can benefit from AI note-taking, direct insights from customer conversations, improved campaigns, and access to customer conversations for analysis. Laxis offers a range of meeting enhancement features, including real-time transcription, integration with popular platforms, search functionality, and easy sharing of transcripts. The tool is praised for saving time, increasing productivity, and gathering intelligence about clients and prospects. It integrates with online conference tools like Zoom, Google Meet, Webex, and Microsoft Teams.