Kits AI is an AI vocal toolkit designed to enhance and expand the creative output of musicians. It offers two main features: access to a library of commercially licensed artist voice models and the ability to create custom voice models. With the artist voice models, musicians can instantly use the voices of popular artists in their music projects. Additionally, they can train their own custom voice models by uploading their vocals and using the user-friendly training tool provided by Kits AI. This allows musicians to change their own voice using AI or create entirely new AI voices. The tool supports both high-quality inference and model sharing. Kits AI is backed by music and tech industry experts, making it a reliable and trusted platform. Potential applications of Kits AI include transforming vocals in music production, exploring different vocal styles, and expanding creative possibilities with AI-generated voices. The platform also offers a blog section with news and updates and hosts an AI Voice Competition to encourage users" creative exploration.