KeywordSpy is an AI tool that helps with on-page SEO optimization. It allows users to discover and analyze keywords that have the best chance of boosting their website"s rankings on search engine results pages. The tool provides insights on keyword frequency and usage, as well as the best HTML structure and images to use for optimization. It also offers an AI content editor that ensures content passes any filter and detects AI-written content. KeywordSpy"s unique feature is its ability to test and manipulate Google search results pages by leveraging advanced AI algorithms. It automatically updates whenever Google"s algorithms change to ensure that users stay ahead of the SEO curve. The tool is useful for generating helpful and topical content, winning featured snippets, and recovering from Google algorithm updates. It also offers project management features to organize SEO efforts and efficiently optimize on-page scores. KeywordSpy offers a 14-day free trial and simple and affordable pricing plans.