Interview Ai


SQL & Python/Pandas Coding Skills is an AI tool that helps users improve their data engineering and data analytics skills through coding challenges and courses, all accessible through a web browser. The tool offers a curated list of 216 SQL coding questions and solutions, allowing users to practice SQL and Python/Pandas coding. It supports PostgreSQL, MySQL, and Python/Pandas as available engines. Users can solve coding challenges and prepare for data-related tasks at work or job interviews. The tool provides a question, a solution, and an explanation for each coding challenge. One potential application of this tool is to identify the top and bottom selling products based on their revenue generated during a specific time period. By calculating the revenue for each product and sorting them, data analysts can quickly make business decisions such as inventory management or product promotions. The tool also includes a leaderboard and offers testimonials from customers who have successfully used it to enhance their skills and land job offers from top tech firms.