Imagen is a personalized photo editing assistant powered by AI technology. It helps photographers save time and streamline their editing workflow by analyzing their previous photo edits to create a Personal AI Profile. This profile can then be applied to the photographer"s Lightroom Classic catalog, automatically adjusting parameters such as white balance, exposure, and color correction. Imagen gives photographers control by allowing them to review and tweak the edits before finalizing. The tool is trusted by thousands of professional photographers worldwide and can be used across various genres, including weddings, events, portraits, and sports photography. In addition, Imagen offers pre-built Talent AI Profiles created by industry-leading photographers for those seeking inspiration or exploring different editing styles. The tool is fast and affordable, editing photos in less than half a second per photo, and is committed to protecting user privacy. With Imagen, photographers can save up to 96% of their editing time, allowing them to focus on what they love.