illostrationAI is an AI-powered tool that allows users to generate illustrations quickly and easily. The tool offers a variety of styles to choose from, including 3D renders, vector art, low poly, Pixar style, icons, and pixel art. Users can describe the object they want to illustrate, either by entering a character name or describing it in a sentence. AI upscaling can be used to improve the results, and users have the option to remove the background and add a custom one. Additionally, illostrationAI provides a suite of AI tools for creating beautiful illustrations. Users can select from a variety of styles, create unique and beautiful artworks, and find inspiration from artworks created by the community. The tool also offers features like scaling creations for more sharpness, removing unwanted parts from illustrations, creating illustrations in bulk, a plugin for Figma integration, and converting vector illustrations to SVG files. This tool has a waiting list for early access and is currently in public beta.