IDWise is an AI-based identity verification tool that helps businesses verify the identity of individuals quickly and securely. It offers several features, including identity document verification, facial verification, e-KYC and AML compliance, and proof of address verification. The tool supports over 13,000 ID documents from 200+ countries and territories and performs up to 50 AI-based security checks on each document in seconds. It also provides bank-grade certified biometrics checks and expertise in emerging markets. IDWise"s technology ensures the integrity and authenticity of identity documents, detects any manipulation or spoofing, and verifies the physical presence of the person. It offers comprehensive AML screening, seamlessly integrates with other systems, and provides enterprise-grade support. The tool is designed for simplifying the onboarding process, improving user experience, preventing fraud, ensuring regulatory compliance, and converting customers quickly. It is suitable for various industries and can be used globally. Users can start a free trial and easily integrate IDWise into their existing systems.