Ideta is an AI-powered platform that offers a complete suite of products for chatbot and voicebot development. It helps companies streamline their operations and business processes through a combination of AI and automation. With Ideta, businesses can interact with customers in real-time through Livechat, build their own chatbots using AI technology, manage their online communities with an AI community manager, generate AI-assisted comments on LinkedIn, and automate workflows through webhooks. The platform allows users to easily create and train their AI scenarios, reducing the workload of their teams and enabling them to focus on more important tasks. Ideta also offers integration with internal and external tools, allowing seamless connections and communication. The tool is user-friendly and provides education, insights, and support to ensure successful implementation and utilization. With a free trial, businesses can automate their busy work and optimize their time before launching their chatbots. Potential applications of Ideta include customer support, community management, and various business workflows.