Humata is an AI tool that functions as a ChatGPT for files, allowing users to ask questions about their data and receive instant answers powered by AI. With Humata, users can learn, summarize, synthesize, and extract valuable information from their files 100 times faster. The tool is particularly useful for tasks such as analyzing legal documents, understanding technical papers, creating reports, and writing papers more efficiently. Humata utilizes vector embeddings for semantic search and incorporates the latest advancements in AI to generate results based on natural language commands. The tool also offers secure cloud storage for documents and ensures the highest standards of data protection. Users have the ability to ask unlimited questions across multiple documents simultaneously, saving time and enhancing productivity. The tool offers a free version with a 60-page limit for different PDF files, while the Pro Plan allows for advanced features like synthesizing results across multiple documents. Overall, Humata enables users to work smarter, learn faster, and gain new insights while interacting with their files.