Hive AI is an AI tool that offers pre-trained AI models to developers, allowing them to integrate advanced content understanding capabilities into their applications. The tool specializes in three main areas: content moderation, intelligent search, and content generation. For content moderation, Hive AI provides real-time identification and removal of harmful visual content in videos and images. The intelligent search functionality enables next-generation search capabilities, including visual similarity and text-to-image search. The content generation feature offers deep learning models that can generate images and text based on text prompts. Hive AI"s tool can be utilized across various industries, such as digital platforms, sports, media, marketing, and more, to streamline content moderation, measure sponsorships, and monetize advertising. Additionally, Hive AI offers APIs for content tagging, intelligent search, and generative capabilities. This tool is trusted by numerous large and innovative companies and has been featured in various blog posts and press releases.