Raman Labs is a tool that offers machine learning based modules for developers, hobbyists, and tinkerers to build creative applications. With just two lines of code, users can integrate machine learning functionality into their existing applications without sacrificing speed. The tool provides dedicated modules for computer vision tasks and can handle high-resolution data in real-time on consumer grade CPUs. The API is clean and minimalistic, allowing for easy integration, and the tool is robust, versatile, and adaptive, scaling itself based on the computing power of the system. Supported platforms include various hardware and language integrations. Raman Labs is primarily designed for computer vision applications and can be used in various use cases. The tool only stores minimal personal information, such as email and hashed passwords, and all payment-related information is securely handled by Razorpay. The end user license allows the purchased SDK to be used for personal purposes and can be run on multiple personal devices.