Guru is an AI-powered personal chatbot that operates directly within WhatsApp. It uses advanced language AI technology to engage in human-like conversations and provide answers to a wide range of topics, including general knowledge, personalized advice, and support. Guru, built on the ChatGPT Official API, stands out as the most advanced language AI available, as it can comprehend the context of conversations and respond accordingly. This tool offers natural language processing capabilities, ensuring its responses sound natural and human-like. Additionally, Guru prioritizes data security, with no storage or sharing of user data. It operates 24/7, providing instant answers and offering support for follow-up questions. Guru is suitable for various applications, such as finding recommendations, personal improvement, creativity, and exploring science and technology. Users can easily launch Guru on WhatsApp with just one click. Although Guru comes with a monthly or yearly subscription fee, it offers an introductory pricing plan and the first 20 questions are free. By adding Guru to their contacts, users can instantly start chatting with this reliable, knowledgeable AI chatbot.