Guidde is an AI-powered generative platform that enables businesses to easily create video documentation. It allows users to capture step-by-step videos and documents, making it 11 times faster to create documentation. With Guidde, users can create stunning how-to guides, SOPs, training materials, onboarding documents, FAQs, and feature notes. The platform offers several unique features, including AI-generated voiceover, over 100 different voices and languages to choose from, a user-friendly editor, and smart sharing capabilities. Guidde is trusted by users and teams of all sizes, and it helps explain complex flows in seconds with its AI-generated video documentation. The tool has been praised for its simplicity, high-quality documentation, time-saving benefits, and its ability to scale support operations without sacrificing quality. Potential applications of Guidde include customer support, onboarding, knowledge sharing, training, and collaboration.