Global Predictions Inc


Global Predictions is a unique AI tool that offers a commercially available digital twin of the economy. It provides macro insights and tools to assist with decision-making, investment portfolio management, risk recognition, and future forecasting. The tool allows users to import their investment accounts and receive automated recommendations from an expert system. It also visualizes net worth, measures portfolio strength, identifies risks and problem areas, and offers personalized, unbiased suggestions for portfolio improvement. With a focus on protecting assets and maximizing risk-adjusted returns, Global Predictions aims to alleviate doubt and increase confidence in investing, particularly in today"s turbulent economy. The tool can be used by individuals, economists, wealth managers, and institutions, offering a range of features and functionalities tailored to different needs. It securely connects with thousands of banks and brokerages and provides access to expert advice. Overall, Global Predictions stands out for its comprehensive suite of forecasting and optimization tools, aiming to outperform benchmarks by 3-6% per year and providing users with valuable insights for effective decision-making.