Gling AI is an AI-powered video editing tool designed for YouTubers. It automatically detects and removes unwanted silences and bad takes from raw recorded videos, saving users time on tedious editing tasks. The tool utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to cut out irrelevant parts, allowing creators more time for creative work. Users can upload one or more video files for AI transcription, and Gling also supports audio files for voiceovers. After the editing process, users can review their edited video and make further edits if needed. Gling offers exporting options to popular video editors like Final Cut Pro, DaVinci Resolve, and Adobe Premiere, as well as the ability to export to MP4 or MP3 media files with captions in SRT format. The tool has received positive feedback from YouTubers, praising its accuracy and time-saving capabilities. Gling supports multiple languages and integrates seamlessly with various video editing workflows. Additionally, Gling offers a creators program, a subscription-based pricing model, and an affiliate program for users to earn revenue from referrals.