Glean is an AI-powered enterprise search and knowledge discovery tool designed for modern teams. It offers powerful search capabilities across all company apps, allowing users to easily find the information they need and discover important insights. Glean utilizes deep learning-based LLMs to enable semantic understanding of natural language queries, continuously training on the specific language and context of each company to improve search relevance without manual fine-tuning. It also features a chatbot assistant that can provide answers, analyses, and summaries from various documents and conversations, with full referenceability to track the source of information. Glean personalizes search results based on an organization"s knowledge graph, which captures information about people, content, and interactions. It suggests relevant information even before a search is performed and can pinpoint company experts when needed. With 100+ connectors to existing apps and seamless adherence to permissions, Glean is easy to set up and ready to use straight away. It supports large enterprises with scalable hosting options aligned with data and security policies. Testimonials from users highlight its significant impact on productivity and ease of use. Overall, Glean enhances workplace search, knowledge discovery, and collaboration for all teams.