Gladia is an AI tool that helps businesses unlock the full potential of their audio data. It offers AI transcription, translation, and audio intelligence add-ons through a single API. With Gladia, users can convert unstructured audio data into valuable business knowledge quickly and accurately. The tool can transcribe audio and video with high accuracy, including speaker diarization, and it can also perform real-time speech-to-text translation in nearly 100 languages. Additionally, Gladia provides a library of audio intelligence add-ons such as word-level timestamping, sentiment analysis, and summarization. It ensures the security and privacy of data, complying with EU and US privacy regulations. Gladia can be used in various industries, including content and media, virtual meetings, workspace collaboration, and call centers. It is designed for developers and offers easy integration with existing tech stacks, requiring no AI expertise or upfront setup costs. Gladia also boasts lower AI infrastructure costs, technical edge with optimized AI models, reduced time-to-market, and scalability with a pay-as-you-go system.