FormWise is a no-code AI tool that allows users to design and embed AI tools, forms, and widgets on their websites. Users can create individual generative AI tools, combine multiple tools on one page, or chain together prompts to automate workflows. The tool offers various popular use cases, including creating lead generation forms with AI responses, building branded AI toolsets for clients, reselling and white-labeling AI widgets, and creating unique tools with trainable AI models. Users can also send AI responses to their applications via Webhook and integrate the tool with their CRM. FormWise provides 40+ AI templates and offers a GPT engineering course for marketers. It offers simple pricing plans with a 7-day trial and scalability options. The tool is powered by OpenAI"s language models and offers customization options and full embedding control. Users do not need an OpenAI API key for the lite and creator plans. FormWise can be integrated anywhere and supports various use cases, including customer service, sales teams, and marketers.