Description is a platform for Conversational AI led by a team of engineers, product leaders, and AI experts from companies like Google and Apple. The team includes individuals like Hessam Bagherinezhad, the Chief of AI, who has a PhD in AI/ML from the University of Washington and was a former AI/ML leader at Apple. The platform"s CTO, Justin Uberti, was one of the inventors of WebRTC and has experience in leading teams at Google. The CEO, Zach Koch, was a former product director at Shopify and held product lead positions at Google. The Chief Architect, Matt Welsh, was a former professor of Computer Science at Harvard and worked at Google, Apple, and Other team members have expertise in machine learning, engineering, and business development. The platform is designed to assist with Conversational AI, allowing businesses to create AI assistants and chatbots that can have natural and intelligent conversations with users. With the team"s expertise and background, offers a comprehensive solution for building conversational AI applications.