Enrichdata is an AI-powered tool that is designed to help recruiters and talent acquisition managers in finding the right candidates from GitHub. With access to over 5.5 million developer profiles, Enrichdata allows users to enrich candidate data by searching for parameters such as work email, personal email, name, GitHub URL, or LinkedIn URL. The tool provides comprehensive insights into a candidate"s proficiency in programming languages, coding style, project involvement, collaboration skills, problem-solving abilities, documentation skills, activity level, and commitment. It also offers customizable profile analyses that can be shared directly with hiring managers. Enrichdata prioritizes data privacy and compliance, ensuring that all data is fully compliant with GDPR, ISO 27001, SOC 2 Type 2, and CCPA standards. Overall, Enrichdata streamlines the recruitment process by providing recruiters with valuable information about potential candidates, helping them make better hiring decisions in less time.