DupDub is an online AI voice generator that converts text into realistic text-to-speech voices. With over 400 human-like voices and 70+ languages and accents, it offers a wide range of options for voice customization. Its unique feature is its GPT technology, which allows for effortless content creation. The tool is useful for various applications such as YouTube and TikTok videos, learning and training materials, marketing, audiobooks, podcasts, and customer service. DupDub provides a voice store with a variety of voices, a voice cloning feature for creating exclusive brand voices, and a powerful voice editor for fine-tuning the generated voices. The tool offers a 3-day free trial and subscription pricing options, and it is used by over 1 million global users. It is praised for its ultra-realistic and expressive voiceovers, ease of use, and time-saving capabilities. Additionally, DupDub offers transcription, translation, subtitle alignment, and video download tools for video creators.