The DataRobot AI Platform is a comprehensive and versatile tool that enables organizations to extract value from AI. It offers a full-lifecycle AI platform with interoperability across various ecosystems and a team of applied AI experts. With DataRobot, users can easily experiment and iterate using code-first or no-code options to quickly derive value from AI. The platform supports collaboration and productivity by providing explainable automation, state-of-the-art models, and best practices. It also facilitates deploying models into production at scale, integrating DevOps tools and practices. Assured governance and compliance features allow users to automate model performance tests, manage access and changes to production models, and meet regulatory requirements. DataRobot integrates seamlessly with existing technology investments, including data platforms, APIs, services, business apps, and intelligence tools. It offers industry-specific solutions for healthcare, manufacturing, retail, and financial services, allowing organizations to optimize operations, forecast needs, detect fraud, and make better business decisions. With faster deployment, high return on investment, and lower costs, DataRobot empowers organizations to take AI from vision to value.