Data Monsters


Data Monsters is an AI development service and an Elite NVIDIA partner that helps corporations and startups research, design, and develop real-time intelligent software. They offer expertise in various NVIDIA technologies, including Metropolis for industrial computer vision, Riva for speech AI and avatar development, Omniverse for digital twins and metaverse creation, and Replicator for synthetic data generation. They also provide solutions for customized chatbots, automatic speech recognition, and overcoming data challenges through synthetic data generation. With a team of 75 data engineers and scientists, including 11 with PhDs, and more than 150 successful projects for Fortune-500 companies, Data Monsters offers a comprehensive set of NVIDIA-based software and hardware solutions. They have early access to the latest NVIDIA platforms and collaborate directly with the NVIDIA development team, ensuring best practices, optimization, and real-time streaming capabilities. Data Monsters caters to various industries such as semiconductors, automotive, electronics, logistics, pharmaceuticals, and food & beverage. Overall, they aim to be a trusted AI development partner, accelerating the release of AI products through their expertise and early access to NVIDIA technology.