Dabble is a virtual photo studio tool that uses photorealistic CGI to generate high-quality product and lifestyle photos for e-commerce brands. It replaces traditional studio photography by creating computer-generated images that drive sales and meet the demands of modern content marketing. With Dabble, users can quickly create studio-quality shots of their products in consistent lighting and on any backdrop. Additionally, they can showcase their products in a variety of customizable interior scenes with different styles, props, and lighting options. Dabble"s process involves sending simple reference photos and dimensions of the product, building a 3D digital model, and generating high-resolution lifestyle renders. The tool brings hyper-realistic CGI from big-budget cinema to the e-commerce industry, offering realistic results with scalability. It aims to empower makers by taking care of content creation, allowing them to focus on what they love. Overall, Dabble is a valuable tool for e-commerce businesses looking to create compelling product visuals.