Description is an AI tool designed to protect sensitive data while leveraging AI applications within an enterprise. It offers APIs, a secure chat UI, and a Slack bot for seamless integration with enterprise data sources like Google Drive, Confluence, and Slack. The tool enforces access policies, masks sensitive data, and ensures acceptable use policies, allowing employees to use AI apps like GPT-4 32k (the private version of ChatGPT) and Claude. Credal provides security controls, granular audit logs, automatic redaction of sensitive data, and the ability to manage policies for internally built and externally procured AI tools. It also offers secure APIs for developers to build custom applications while respecting source system permissions and generating audit logs. The tool can be deployed on-premise, ensuring data never leaves the network. It is loved by developers and provides drop-in replacements for OpenAI and Anthropic APIs. Users have praised Credal for its accuracy in note-taking during meetings without compromising data security. The founders of Credal have extensive experience in handling sensitive data and aim to build trust in AI.