ChatNode is an AI tool that allows users to train ChatGPT, an AI assistant, on their own data. Users can build their own AI chatbot for their website or create an internal research tool by providing the bot with any data they want, including URLs, text, or PDF documents. The unique feature of ChatNode is its ability to quickly learn from diverse sources, extracting essential information and training in just 10 seconds. The tool offers features such as embedding the chatbot anywhere on any website using an iframe code, sharing the chatbot with others through a dedicated webpage, and integrating it with Slack. Users can customize the design and prompts of their chatbot, and the tool supports multiple data sources and languages. ChatNode has applications in various fields, such as customer support, knowledge sharing within teams, and improving company operations and collaboration. The tool offers different pricing plans and includes features like adding multiple data sources and custom colors. There is a free plan available for users to try out the tool with limited message credits and one chatbot.