Butter is a virtual collaboration platform that offers a comprehensive set of tools to run engaging and effective collaborative sessions. It brings structure, energy, and joy to meetings, workshops, and training sessions. With time-boxed agendas, pre-loaded tools, and a reusable team library, users can easily prepare sessions that practically run themselves. Butter keeps participants engaged with emoji reactions, sound effects, hand-raise queues, polls, flashcards, music, and GIFs to prevent meeting fatigue. The platform allows users to access and integrate various facilitation tools, such as polls, videos, Google Docs, and more, within one window. Butter also provides a dashboard to summarize sessions, capture outcomes, and easily share recordings, personal notes, chat logs, and poll results. Users can create a centralized workspace for all team sessions, saving setup time, ensuring consistency, and enabling better collaboration. Butter offers templates created by the community, as well as a network of experts, to help facilitators learn and improve their skills. It is best suited for highly-collaborative sessions like workshops, training sessions, bootcamps, courses, events, interactive webinars, and social events. The platform offers a free plan with limitations on session duration and participants, as well as paid plans with additional features. Participants can join sessions without an account, and Butter provides desktop and mobile apps for better accessibility. The platform prioritizes privacy and is GDPR compliant.