Burnout Bot


Cultiveit"s Burnout Bot is an AI tool designed to prevent burnout and sustain peak performance within a team. It uses behavior-based nudges backed by the latest management science to improve team culture. This tool is integrated with Slack and offers learning and development programming and tools to help teams implement research-based best practices. The Burnout Bot is unique in that it is noise-free, only providing nudges when it detects unsustainable working behaviors, and it is automated, matching behaviors with research-based solutions. The actions and insights provided by the bot are personalized to the team"s specific feedback and behaviors, and it also offers analytics for managers to monitor team performance and work sustainability trends. Cultiveit"s Burnout Bot goes beyond self-care tips and helps teams address the root causes of burnout, providing qualitative drivers to understand and action plans to prevent burnout. Trusted by teams, Cultiveit"s Burnout Bot is a valuable tool to support and retain high-performing teams.