Bravo Studio


Bravo Studio is a no-code app builder that allows users to create native mobile apps for both iOS and Android. The tool is designed for product teams and offers full design control and backend flexibility. Its unique feature is a Figma plugin that provides design presets, pre-configured Bravo tags, customizable containers, and a built-in AI assistant. With Bravo Studio, users can quickly validate ideas, create minimum viable products (MVPs), and publish their apps on the App Store and Google Play Store. The platform has been utilized by over 100,000 users and businesses. It offers design flexibility, allowing users to build fully clickable prototypes that feel like live mobile apps. Users can make real-time changes to their app, test different variations with Bravo Vision, and connect their content via API or integrations. Bravo Studio is suitable for various applications, including meditation, fitness, CRM, restaurant, recipe, school, event, and kids stories apps. It enables users to build high-quality apps without the need for coding or hiring a team.