Banuba AR Technologies offers an all-in-one Augmented Reality (AR) software development kit (SDK) for businesses. The tool empowers apps with immersive Face AR and Video Editing features and effects. With Banuba"s Face AR SDK, businesses can enhance their video conferencing and other apps by incorporating face tracking, hand tracking, virtual backgrounds, color filters, and AR masks. The Video Editor SDK allows users to create engaging videos by offering a suite of editing features such as trimming, merging, drafts, picture-in-picture, and augmented reality video effects. The SDK is compatible with multiple platforms, including iOS, Android, Flutter, React Native, and Expo. The tool has been trusted by over 100 clients worldwide, and it has been successfully applied in various industries, including beauty, eyewear, video conferencing, social media, gaming, and marketing. Some notable use cases include virtual try-on for beauty products, AR features in video conferencing apps, face-building programs in fitness apps, Indianized filters for short-video sharing platforms, and integrating face filters into AR photo booths for marketing campaigns.