autoRetouch is an AI-powered platform that provides bulk editing of product images online. It offers features such as background removal, ghost mannequin effects, background customization, and skin retouching. The platform allows users to edit images in their browser or via API. With autoRetouch, users can enhance their product images quickly and easily, saving time and money. The tool is particularly useful for businesses in the fashion industry, as it offers automated ghost mannequin effects and helps increase e-commerce purchases by providing clean and engaging product images. It is also beneficial for marketplace adjustments, allowing users to adjust images to meet marketplace specifications. Additionally, autoRetouch supports batch editing, enabling users to apply edits to thousands of images simultaneously, reducing post-production time and effort. The platform is designed for teamwork and collaboration, allowing users to share workflows, editing specifications, and image results. It has received positive feedback from customers who have praised its ease of use and the high quality of the images it produces. Overall, autoRetouch is a powerful tool that streamlines the image editing process and is suitable for various industries that rely on visual content.