Automaited is an AI-powered automation software that allows companies to automate any task quickly and easily. The tool requires no technical knowledge and can be used across a wide range of applications. It saves time for various roles, such as customer support managers, HR managers, sales managers, and operations specialists, by automating tasks like changing customer data, importing applicant data, writing customized outreach emails, entering order data, creating order tickets, and updating CRM and ERP data. Automaited offers instant automation for teams and provides over 1000 use cases across different functions. The tool offers features like entering and transferring data, creating text based on frequently used templates, comparing text or data for correctness, summarizing content, and reading data from different sources. It supports integration with various applications and offers a simple onboarding process. Automaited has received positive feedback from users and has been proven to make operational processes up to 70% more efficient.