Lychee is an AI-powered tool that offers high-quality short-form videos on demand. It provides professionally edited clips that are ready to be published on social media platforms. The tool offers easy scalability, allowing users to create clips from existing video or podcast content and personalize them to their brand. Lychee"s clips are optimized for success on short-form video platforms and have the potential to go viral, reaching large audiences. The tool combines the power of AI with human editors to ensure high-quality output while also being cost-effective. Lychee simplifies the process of video editing and enables users to create engaging content for social media without the need for an army of editors. It is trusted by leading companies and has been praised for its quality, creativity, and efficiency. The tool also offers various features such as key moments detection, personalized branding, unlimited revisions, and human content moderation. With Lychee, users can save time and resources by outsourcing their video editing needs to experts, allowing them to focus on other high-leverage tasks. Overall, Lychee is a user-friendly tool that helps users create professional and engaging short-form videos for social media marketing.