Description is a property development AI tool that helps property professionals find profitable land development sites, assess feasibility, and generate architectural design strategies. This world-first AI tool revolutionizes the property development process by providing simple site analysis in just minutes. With Archistar, property developers, architects, home builders, and government planners can instantly find and assess development opportunities, faster than traditional methods. The tool uses advanced AI technology to survey areas and identify sites with real development potential. It also offers user-friendly feasibility and design tools to make informed decisions. Archistar"s unique feature is its practical, contextual generative design, which combines generative design with user-friendly drawing tools. Users can generate hundreds of designs, customized to their parameters, such as apartments, commercial, or mixed-use buildings. The tool also includes Archistar Homes, a platform that helps sell homes faster by simplifying the masterplan and siting processes. Additionally, Archistar enables users to simulate and analyze the highest and best use of individual sites, multiple sites, or entire precincts. The platform provides real-time feedback, allows planning around existing context with 3D building layers, and offers integration with CAD tools. The primary goal of is to provide property professionals with the information needed to deliver profitable projects that benefit both their firms and the environment.