Antimetal is an AI tool that helps companies save up to 75% on their AWS bill by automating and optimizing cloud costs. It requires no coding or engineering and can be set up in just two minutes. The tool uses AI to continuously monitor and learn from usage patterns, identifying new savings opportunities. Antimetal offers features such as Autopilot, where the AI engine buys and sells instances on behalf of the user to optimize AWS spend, and Traceability, which allows users to stay informed about who is involved in the process. Users can also customize alerts, invite team members to collaborate, and access long-term pricing benefits without being locked in. Antimetal ensures the security and privacy of user data and offers underutilization insurance to protect against unused resources. Pricing is based on a percentage of the savings generated. Overall, Antimetal is a comprehensive AI tool that makes cloud cost optimization effortless, risk-free, and accessible to companies of all sizes.