Altera is an AI-powered Chrome extension designed specifically for salespeople on LinkedIn. It aims to improve the effectiveness of sales efforts by providing personalized messages, context-aware comments, and hyper-personalized conversations. With Altera, users can say goodbye to copy-paste templates and generic messages, and instead, create engaging and natural interactions with their leads. The AI tool adapts to the user"s tone and writing style to ensure genuine and human-sounding communication. It offers features like messaging, connection requests, inMail, posts from articles, custom AI training, and analytics. The tool has been praised by its users for its ability to significantly increase sales numbers and help land dream jobs. Altera seamlessly integrates with LinkedIn and offers a simple, one-click solution for generating suggested AI responses, inserting them into comments, and scaling lead conversions. The tool is available for free with limited features, and there are also Pro and Enterprise plans with additional capabilities for more serious users. Overall, Altera helps salespeople stand out on LinkedIn, connect better with their contacts, and ultimately close more deals.