aiXcoder is an intelligent software development tool that uses AI technology to automate code generation, autocomplete, and code search. It functions as a virtual programming expert that has been trained on professional code from various fields. Programmers can pair program with aiXcoder to enhance their efficiency. By predicting programmers" intentions, aiXcoder automatically generates code snippets that can be easily confirmed with a button click. This tool improves coding efficiency by allowing programmers to focus on creativity and maintaining concentration while writing code. It offers natural language-to-code method-level code generation and intelligent code completion for single and multiple lines. It also supports code search from GitHub, adaptive search for API usage examples, and searching for similar code to avoid duplicate development. aiXcoder can be customized for enterprise use, providing deep customization, specialized intelligent engines, customized code search, and developer coding efficiency statistics. It supports multiple programming languages and IDEs, and can be used in both local and cloud modes. Overall, aiXcoder is a powerful tool that streamlines the software development process, improves code quality, and increases developer productivity.