aiwizard is an AI tool that allows users to discover and learn how to use a wide range of AI tools. With a library of 392 AI tools across 28 categories, users can explore and choose tools that suit their needs. The tool covers various categories such as analytics, chatbots, coding, copywriting, generative art, image improvement, marketing, productivity, research, and more. It offers unique features like AI Spend, an analytics dashboard for monitoring OpenAI API costs, and ClucIO, a tool for generating high-quality content using AI automation and optimization. It also provides a directory of AI tools for specific purposes, such as AIHelperBot for simplifying SQL query generation and Robotalk for interacting with trained chatbots. The tool is versatile and can be used for purposes like enhancing productivity, improving content creation, data analysis, trend forecasting, social media management, website building, and more. By following @aiwizard_ai on Twitter and turning on notifications, users can stay updated on new tools added to the platform.