Airplane Autopilot


Airplane is a developer-centric tool that provides infrastructure for building internal user interfaces (UIs) and workflows. It offers Autopilot, an AI coding assistant. With Airplane, developers can easily create UIs using React without dealing with boilerplate code. It includes a library of pre-built components such as tables, forms, and charts, as well as a design system and UX best practices. Developers can also extend Airplane"s functionality by integrating with APIs, adding custom components, and importing existing libraries. Airplane allows developers to turn scripts into production-grade apps and run them on a cadence using its built-in cron functionality. It supports a wide range of integrations, including popular databases, warehouses, APIs, and messaging platforms, and developers can install their own packages and write custom code. Airplane also enables the creation of complex multi-step workflows by composing tasks and provides features such as asking for operator input, writing workflows as code, and pausing workflows for extended periods. Use cases for Airplane include building admin panels, billing dashboards, support ticket dashboards, content moderation queues, GDPR deletion flows, and fraud monitoring systems. It is designed with security in mind, offering role-based access control, directory sync, SAML SSO support, requests and approvals flows, and rich audit logs. Airplane can be deployed on-premises for added data security. Customer testimonials highlight the ease of use, value for support teams, reduction in support ticket resolution times, and accessibility of previously engineer-only tasks. Airplane is praised for its developer-centric approach and its ability to make powerful internal tools accessible to the entire team.